OKTAGON 58: Vémola vs Végh 2

The battle between titans deserves to go down in a magnificent venue. The fight of the century changed both men’s lives and gained record-breaking viewing figures, and now, four years later, the rematch is almost here. The biggest tournament in history, which will forever change the history of the Czech-Slovak scene.

An epic tournament featuring the biggest stars of OKTAGON, which will be held for the first time at an open-air football stadium on 08.06.2024.

  • Event: OKTAGON 58: Vémola vs Végh 2
  • Date: Saturday 8 June 2024
  • Venue: Stadion Eden, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Live stream: WATCH NOW

The Rematch of the Century Vémola vs Végh

Vémola vs Végh, two legends and national heroes enter The Rematch of the Century in a battle to be crowned welterweight king! A duel that will make the whole of The Czech Republic and Slovakia rumble! Who will seal their immortal legacy and walk away as champion?

Welterweight title pyramid

Former 6-time OKTAGON champion David Kozma returns to the cage more motivated than ever to reclaim his title. He’ll be going up against the champion of 2 Romanian organizations, Ion “Dracula” Surdu.


  • Karlos Vémola vs Attila Végh – 205 lbs
  • David Kozma vs Ion Surdu – 170 lbs
  • David Zawada vs Marek Mazuch – 185 lbs
  • Shem Rock vs Jaroslav Pokorný – 155 lbs
  • Mateusz Legierski vs Akonne Wanliss – 155 lbs
  • Miloš Petrášek vs Kamil Wojciechowski – 194 lbs
  • Acoidan Duque vs Mochamed Machaev – 155 lbs
  • Leandro Silva vs Amiran Gogoladze – 170 lbs
  • Deniz Ilbay vs Denis Tripšanský- 145 lbs
  • Attila Korkmaz vs Makwan Amirkhani – 155 lbs


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